Saturday, March 15, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Makeup and Vanity Set “Charles Park Trilogy” (Telefuture Now) [Part 3/3]

                Despite there still being some dance parts in here, the synth and beats begin to slow down now in the third and final installment of the “Charles Park Trilogy”.   By the 26th song we reach the end credits which makes me think that this really is some sort of strange musical movie journey that I hope is one day brought to film.

                In many ways, looking back at this all, whether I said it before, this is like a soundtrack without a film and well, yes, I do hope that this turns visual as well one day.   Should it never have that chance though it does sufficiently well enough on its own.

                The last four songs on here are all remixes from throughout the entire trilogy and so the dance quality does come back up then.   Keeping with the theme of this being a soundtrack on some level, I like to think of these last songs as being the bonus features, which is a great set of bonus features to have.

                I have no idea how Makeup and Vanity Set managed to make this trilogy, unless it took them years and years, but yeah, this is one for the ages right here.  You need to be listening to this, if not for yourself then for the children. 

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