Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Jake Tobin “Torment” (Chill Mega Chill)

            Jake Tobin is a name that is familiar to me, though I’m not entirely certain why because a quick Blogger search shows that I haven’t reviewed his music before.   In any event, this is a collection of ten songs that are released via Chill Mega Chill (one of my favorite labels) on record.  

            Along with quite a bit of improvisation jazz, Tobin channels more traditional indie rock sounds such as Modest Mouse and the Polyphonic Spree.  I can hear hints of twee and even ska in this unique blend that can be likened with some influences on a grand level, but in the most specific of capacities it remains true to its own self.

            The horns are wild and this also brings out the inner Devo fan in me.   One of my favorite ways to describe this for me is with two words that look similar but mean different things and that is from when, in my notes, I referred to this as being both upbeat and offbeat.

            This is such a graceful mix of sounds, of chaos and control that I might just have to buy this as a record… that is to say, if Chill Mega Chill doesn’t release it on cassette as well.  (Yes, that is my informal request for this to be a cassette I suppose) 

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