Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Ekin Fil “Reds” (Exotik Pylon)

                From the start, this comes through in waves—ambient waves.  The second song brings in a little bit more 8bit and I’ve grooving to it.   The third song, “Minus”, gets really distorted and I love the heavy distortion.

                This has dark and eerie undertones for sure.   The ambience on a song such as “Silence Repeats” brings out one of my regular references in Mazzy Star.   There is a distorted sort of drone to it all, and the overall sound of the last track sounds like the first one or two, bringing us full circle.

                While it can be a little difficult for me to accurately describe this with words, it is worth listening to and has become one of my favorites to put on all too often now. 

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