Monday, March 31, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Dolly Dolly “Antimacassar” (Exotik Pylon)

            At the beginning of this, I’m not sure whether it is to be taken seriously or not, as the whole “Oh England, my England” bit seems like something out of Monty Python or even Little Britain.   The spoken word parts don’t end there, and despite some excellent music, at times when I’m listening to this I’m still not sure whether or not it is supposed to be a book on tape.

            Elements of Trainspotting come up at first, but I think maybe the man’s voice just sounds like Ewan McGregor.   Then I begin thinking of A Clockwork Orange as this definitely sounds like the score to some kind of movie of that nature.

            “My mother was born with three thumbs, as was I” – a genetic defect I am highly suspicious of, for scientific reasons.  

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