Friday, March 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Blood Cousin "You Won (or, We Have All Lost)" (Furious Hooves)

            What begins as a peaceful sort of quiet acoustic folk rock comes into something a bit more than just that before these four songs end.    The folk has a country hint to it, but only the slightest of hints.  This reminds me of Homage to Catalonia if only at first, and I often wonder what happened to that guy also named Josh and what he’s doing these days.

            The vocals on the second song become a bit more angry in their distortion and there is a nice looped background thing going on that brings this away quickly from being a one dimensional piece of music.  Background horns and background female vocals also add to the somewhat broad spectrum on this EP that proves folk doesn’t have to be what you hear on the radio.  

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