Thursday, March 20, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: chauchat “wreckage” (Unread Records)

                Chauchat brings out some familiar sounds on “wreckage” and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.   This blends the ambient synth with distortion and just in general static waves that come through on a lot of cassettes these days (Not that there are nearly as many cassettes being released as that makes it sound like) with what could be attributed to someone trying to tune a radio to a station that just won’t seem to come through clearly.

                On top of that, there are bits of guitar with vocals that can channel Ted Leo at times, but also I can hear bits of those Nirvana bootlegs and demos that always seem to be floating around in cyberspace. 

                Though it mostly seems to stick with the space ambience theme, such as man exploring the moon or some other planet, the fact that a style such as that is combined with the other makes me really think of Illegal Wiretaps, whom I thoroughly enjoy and just don’t feel get enough references ever.   

                So, basically, if you’re pulling off an IWT sound and doing it in such a manner that is this good, then obviously I am going to enjoy it and recommend it to each and every single one of you.

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