Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: The Hidden Cameras "AGE" (Evil Evil / Motor Music)

            Initially, you can hear the new wave and post punk coming out in these songs.  I think of it as being not quite New Order but close, and kind of like Frankie Goes to Hollywood for some reason as well.   There are also hints of more modern bands in here, though they are modern bands that often pay tribute to the past, such as The Illegal Wiretaps. 

            When you get into the song “Afterparty”, you can really hear the dub coming out.  This brings me into the world of Public Image Limited, and well, that just takes me into the genre of post punk on the whole because I once read a book about post punk and the bands it was describing sounded like this.

            As much as this could be a sort of flashback album or a tribute to the past in some way, I would argue that this is a style which simply cannot (and should not) die.   Though it may appear as if this song is taking us backwards, I see it more as a sign of future times (or past, present and future to be more accurate) and this is definitely in my shortlist of candidates for Album of the Year right now, you know, if I believed in such things.  

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