Saturday, February 22, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Art Decade "Art Decade"

             Just last year, Art Decade released an album I had the pleasure of reviewing and I remember it rather fondly.  I didn’t go back and re-read the review before listening to their new album, but I do remember there just being this sense of every song having its own little adventure, but yet they were all connected somehow.

            But, then, as I listen to this creatively titled release, I begin to wonder if maybe I was remembering incorrectly.

            While there are hints of The Beatles (Who doesn’t have hints of them though) this sounds almost 100% like something that The Rocket Summer would make.  And I’m not talking about them sounding alike or “ripping off”, but no, this literally sounds like Bryce Avery made it and if you told me it was the new Rocket Summer album I’d be inclined to believe you.

            For a pop rock album, this isn’t particularly bad, but for an Art Decade album it could be a whole lot better.

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