Friday, February 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEWS: Crushed Stars “Farewell Young Lovers”

                 I am pleased to announce that even in my late age and having been doing this music thing for longer than some of the other people doing it have even been alive, I can still be surprised by bands.   While I didn’t expect for this album to be bad, per se, I never expected for it to be quite this good.

                It begins with a lot of music and all I can think about is this becoming some sort of instrumental post rock mess, which wouldn’t have been too bad because of the music quality itself, but then the vocals kick in and boy does this change my mind about everything that I know about music.

                I’m glad that this was released in January (It was, right?) because it’s really setting the bar for what other releases come out this year, in terms of my now being able to say “It’s good, but not Crushed Stars good”.   Had this come out in December of last year, I might have had to do a bit more reconsidering. 

                Not quite shoegaze but some kind of gaze, Crushed Stars just flat out rocks and has the power to back it up.  

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