Monday, February 3, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: anodes / Enta Split 10”

                This is a nice split between two similar yet different bands.   Anodes is a screamy sort of hardcore band that reminds me of mewithoutYou to some extent.   They have fairly long songs with different movements and it’s all around just a good time.

                On the flip side are two songs from Enta who are somewhere between old Saves the Day and Old Gray.   So it’s a nice companion piece to anodes without sounding exactly like them as sometimes bands with splits tend to sound too much alike.

                This is a total of four songs and is a 10” record.  I’m on the fence still as to whether or not I want to buy it as an actual record.  On one hand, I really do enjoy the music, but on the other hand I’m not what one would call a record collector (I get my records few and far between: I think I got maybe, what, two last year?)  [Editor's Note: It might have been three]

                Still, the way records are priced these days and being in support of the indie music scene blah blah blah, I’ll probably just end up giving them the ten dollars.  

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