Monday, February 3, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Ancient Babies “Futuristic Demon”

                Many of the downloads I’ve been getting from Band Camp recently seem to be only either three or four songs, but whatever.  I say four songs is the new album because it’s the perfect length to truly appreciate a band you’ve never heard before.

                Think about it: If you had only three songs, you’d want to start and end strong, so the middle would be filler… so with four at least you feel like you’re doing more than just going up a really short hill.

                In any event, Ancient Babies are dreamy, but not dream pop.  They could be dreamgaze and there is synth.  I mainly just want to think of it as being Breakfast Club like, which almost wants me to put it in with new gaze, which I think is really a genre, but yeah, this is some good stuff.  

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