Friday, February 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Werewolf Police “Moderation Blues” (self-released)

                When I was a kid growing up, before the invention of the compact disc, I listened to a lot of cassettes, you know, and some of them were rock and some of them were even radio rock, but honestly I listened to a lot of hip hop.   And along with Dr. Dre and 2Pac, I listened to a decent amount of R&B type music as well.

                I’m not kidding; as I have soundtracks to movies you probably either a) Don’t remember the movies b) Didn’t realize there was a soundtrack worth having or c) Both.   These movies include but are not limited to “Who’s The Man?”, “Trespass” and an Eddie Murphy movie I won’t name because it’s too embarrassing.

                For all of grunge and the indie rock that came with it for that matter, I had CDs.   Okay, so I have “Core” by Stone Temple Pilots on cassette and it took me until maybe like, 2004 or later until I actually bought that album on CD, but still.   All of the big names that you think of- Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains (Oh! I do have a tape of theirs though), Soundgarden, etc.- I had them all on CD and not cassette.

                I actually do want to go back and collect some of the lesser known albums by bands like Soul Asylum on cassette but it still strikes me as odd that I didn’t have them when they were meant to be had.

                 This tape by Werewolf Police is a reminder of a time when The Replacements ruled the world.   It also really makes me wish that once upon a time I had the “Singles” soundtrack on cassette. 

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