Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: We Have the Technology “TRU WAV” (Illuminated Paths)

                Often times, I am not the first to know about a new style of music, as it either gets it genre name from someone outside of the source (like a writer, record label, whoever) or someone within the scene itself.   I do tend to find out about the newer styles of music before most other people (Seapunk, for example), but I’m in no way the first or on the cusp maybe.

                Maybe I just typed that because I wanted to use the word “cusp”. 

                There may or may not be an entire genre based on “TRU WAV”, the name of this cassette, but I prefer not to know if there is and rather speculate as to what I think it is about if there is no existing genre yet anyway,

                We Have the Technology have a sort of seapunk quality to their music and that makes sense because they have a sort of seapunk name but are not 100% seapunk because then this would be a much easier review to write.

                I like to hear some Rachel Haircut coming out in here and that makes me happy.  The music is synth and dance beats with those “Ow! Ow!” noises that come with the territory.   Even the song “Higher” itself declares “I’ve got the music! I got the rhythm!”

                In a more serious way, this would be something like soul or funk, a virtual James Brown if you will.  But without those aspects of modems trying to connect to AOL, we also fall short of the seapunk category, which makes me want to call this “TRU WAV” with the “TRU” standing for Toys R Us.

                Why?  Well, because it’s the type of music that I could see people making who enjoy Toys R Us on some level, which is not to say that they don’t take their craft seriously but it’s just not as serious as Ike and Tina or little Michael Jackson hiding under the bed.

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