Friday, January 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Hunter “Hunter Demo EP”

                I found this demo on Band Camp and posted about it thusly on Facebook because there is already a band called Hunters, so I don’t see why we need a singular version of that particular name.  (There is also a band called “The Hunt” because I remember their album “The Hunt Begins”)   But, please, in the future, do not call your bands things that already exist just to pique my interest.

                These eleven songs- some short, some long- remind me a lot of the Nirvana album “With the Lights Out”, mainly because they have that raw, rough draft feel to them.  Hey, this is a demo though, so that’s completely acceptable.

                Do I think that in some way this band could create an entire album with drums and bass (right now it’s vocals and an electric sounding guitar) and then eventually have this be one of those rare and unreleased pieces of music we look back on fondly in ten or fifteen years?

                In essence, could this band become the next Nirvana and this could become their “With the Lights Out”?   It’s uncertain, but changing their name would put them on the right path.

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