Thursday, January 9, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: The Everywheres “Slow Friends”

                There was a band that I was listening to a lot of last year that covered Nirvana in that garage/Buddy Holly/surf sort of style.  I don’t remember their name, just that it started with a “b” and it was always something like “Here Come the Beets” or whatever for their album titles.  (Yeah, I really am too lazy to look them up and as soon as I post this review I will remember who they are)

                The Everywheres are a combination of The Beatles, Weezer and that aforementioned band that I simply cannot remember the name of without looking up or posting this review.  It’s also kind of like when Stone Temple Pilots do “Lady Picture Show”.  

Cassette Available for $5 Canadian + shipping

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