Sunday, September 22, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Iceage “You’re Nothing”

             When I was in my teenage years, I wanted to form a band so bad.  The only problem was that I hated everyone and everyone hated me.  I had one friend who played bass, so I played guitar.  Then I got some recording equipment and a drum machine and was ready for our demo.

            The only problem was, we recorded the demo instrument by instrument as opposed to as the collective.  So I’d put down the guitar, then the drums, then send it to my friend to record his bass lines, I’d add those in and then do the vocals last.   The first time that I tried making a version of the guitar with drums, I just kind of randomly hit buttons on the drum machine.

            Later, I would learn that you can program the drum machine and it could keep the beat when my lack of musical skills failed me, but I’ll never forget how my friend had described the tape I gave him with those guitar parts and messed up drums.   The two just didn’t connect; they didn’t flow or mesh well together in anyway. 

            And though there are some parts on this album that are musically sound, for the most part it reminds me of that awful demo tape I made in my careless youth.

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