Monday, September 9, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Pocket Symphony(s) (Swan City Sounds)

                When I first got into writing about music, I somehow became friends with the label Happy Happy Birthday To Me, who would go on to release a ridiculous amount of music that would become known as twee.

                HHBTM has since slowed down significantly on their releases, but this sixteen track tale from The Pocket Symphony(s) takes me back to a time when my twee cup was overflowing.   The Beatles, EFS and even an acoustic version of The Benjamins join forces here.

                It’s like the time that the Get Up Kids made the album “Walking on a Wire”.   It just has that sound that at one point in time was so engrained into my musical soul that I almost became sick of it, but now it’s been so long that I miss it.

                I think back to and wonder what it could have been to have all those twee releases on cassette instead of CD or record.   Ah, memories.

                But yes, you should get this tape if not for yourself, buy it because it takes me back to a better time.

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