Monday, September 9, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Panabrite “Cortex Meridian” (Constellation Tatsu)

                “Cortex Meridian” begins with an electronic laser and something like a piano.   Within the first 45 seconds, I feel like this will be an experimental type of electronic instrumental album.   After listening through in full, I come to find that I am correct.

                While this music seems to be getting easier for me to predict, I do not take anything away from my predictions for they have all been pleasing thus far.   (But watch, next band I think I can pin will surprise me, just wait)

                This has some X-Files, ambient, video game and soundscape sounds to it as well.  It also has synth and can be symphonic at the same time, so I want to call it synthphonic.  (Is that a thing?)

                There is also a great deal of bird chirping noises on here, which I feel if I didn’t point out my wife would be upset because when I was listening to this she kept commenting about how someone let a bird into the house.  Har-har.

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