Monday, September 9, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Lazarus “Seasick EP”

                I have previously reviewed Lazarus and really enjoyed what I heard, so this is really more of a refresher course for you and a chance to make you aware that Lazarus has a new EP out now.

                This music is anywhere from The Killers to Flaming Lips, to Americana and EFS.   I also can hear Mazzy Star (musically) and The Get Up Kids ala “Walking on a Wire” in this EP.

                Lyrics such as “Why can’t we be lovers? We can’t even be friends” stand out to me as well as “lay on the floor / dying’s a chore”.   The songs have that acoustic, upbeat vibe to them, and yes, the lyrics can reflect that sound.   But sometimes the lyrics can angry and have a certain sense of urgent desperation that mimics the music beautifully.

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