Monday, September 9, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Adieux “Grin” (Swan City Sounds)

                Many people do not remember when cassettes were taken over by compact discs.  It’s like when VHS tapes were taken over by DVDs, only with music instead of film.   The question always lingers as to what year it was exactly, but I like to think of it as simply being technology moving into the 21st century.

                That being said, there are a number of albums out there still released on cassette which you would have expected to not have been because it should have been CD City by then, right?   One album that particularly comes to mind, for me, is the debut album from Foo Fighters.  I wore that tape out, and it was honestly the last tape that I purchased for quite some time.

                At the time, the album was available on CD, yes, but I just wanted to stay with cassettes a little bit longer.   For me, changing from cassettes to CDs was such a pivotal time in my life, not just because of money or love for one medium over the other, but because it was about the music at the time.

                All of the music I had owned up to that point was on cassette tapes.   In a lot of ways, Foo Fighters being on CD was a reminder that we were being ushered into a new era of music and that was one which no longer involved Kurt Cobain directly.   Gone were the days of grunge (more or less) and cassettes from bands that I knew were falling out of style.

                Adieux, who I am hearing for the first time on this release, take me back to that time when I’d first heard bands like Guided by Voices, grunge or Matthew Sweet even on cassette.    The music is a reminder of that style, but for this to be released on cassette is just an added bonus.   It’s the closest to time travel I believe I shall ever come.  

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