Monday, September 9, 2013

Enoch Ardon [Interview # 144]

1)     What does your band name mean?

We took it from a Reversal of Man song that appeared in their LP "This is medicine". As simple as that. Every hardcore band picks its name up from an 80's hardcore band song, so we continued the tradition in our own way.
But we don't have any idea if it means anything.

2)     You have a self-titled 12” from 2007.   Are there any plans to make any new music soon or is it out there and I just need to get off of Band Camp?

We also have a 7" from 2006 and joined the compilation from React With Protest "The Emo Apocalypse" with one song.
Our desire is to have recorded new stuff late this year or early next. We already have some unreleased songs and we are also working in new ones.

3)     What is the music scene like in Spain, especially for a metal-type band such as you?

Well, we aren't really a metal-type band. We belong to hardcore-punk DIY scene from Spain. We shared and share a lot of shows with hardcore, crust, punk, emo bands because we have a lot of friends that have a band of any of those genres. It is not like we only play with bands from one kind of style. But definitely we don't play with metal bands really, maybe we have played with a few.
The music scene in Spain sucks, as everywhere we suppose. For DIY bands having access to a venue is difficult because venue owners are going to force you to reach a minimum attendance in order to not make you pay a lot of money for the rental. And then government tends to criminalize DIY spaces, social centers and squats, trying always to shut them down…
Really difficult if you don't want to take part in the independent music business.

4)     Do you find the metal/hardcore/screamo scene of music to be something that is consistent or sort of comes and goes in waves, in terms of quality?

The perspective of a quality scene is due more of the time where you find out about any particular scene. For example, if you lived around the explosion of the first wave of emo bands it is likely you are going to love them all, above all if it catches you when you were really young. But many of those bands will not hold the test of time. And when you get older and more waves of the same genre arise, yours ears and brains are more educated to filter which are the good or bad quality bands, so you tend to think quality goes worse when a genre gets bastardized.That's why people usually say 'old times were better'.
But in general, always you can find some good bands in any genre anytime.

5)     You have two records, would you ever release a cassette?

We already did it. Sons of Vesta (Italy) and Utarid Tapes (Malaysia) released our 7" as tape. Funny design screenprinted over cloth.

6)     Final thoughts, shout outs to bands that rock hard from Spain, etc…??

Our country is going to shit and the governors are idiots.
So the best bands that are in Spain are the ones who write angry lyrics such Accidente, Ulises Lima, … from any genre, being punk, crust, grind, hardcore or emo.

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