Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breakfast in Fur [Interview # 143]

1)      I’ve been trying to figure out what it must mean to have breakfast in fur.  Is it in reference to people who wear mink stoles in lieu of pajamas?
2)      On that note, would there ever be an entire tour themed around bed time/the morning after with yourself, Pajama People, someone with sleep in their name, that kind of lot?
3)      You have a four way split record released on Team Love about a year ago.   What’s it like to do a four way split as opposed to just the normal two way one?
4)      Will there be new music from Breakfast in Fur any time soon?
5)      You are from New York, which is the epicenter of shoegaze.   What is it like to be where it all started, but then also to see it take off to becoming a worldwide phenom?
6)      Both your EP and “Die Pfalz” are available on vinyl, which is cool, but will you ever have a cassette release?
7)      As far as music releases go, I also think that “Die Pfalz” was not only one of the best releases song for song in the last ten years or so, but also just one of the most cleverly crafted.   Here is an option where instead of saying “Do I buy this on vinyl or buy the CD”, the two actually come together though the CD also contains more songs, so it’s kind of like you don’t want one without the other.   How did that whole idea with Team Love come about?
8)      If you were a member of The Breakfast Club, who would you be?
9)      Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
10)   What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
11)   Have you ever considered covering Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me”?

12)   Final thoughts, tour plans to plug (a “Die Pfalz” national tour would be stellar), shout outs, etc…??

1.) Definitely

2.) I'd like to, you think people are ready for that?

3.) I believe Nate (from Team Love Records) based the idea for Die Pfalz on the first Factory Records release, which had four Manchester bands on it, which I think is pretty cool.  Hopefully Team Love will do another compilation of New Paltz bands--- there are a lot of great bands in New Paltz, Die Pfalz is just the tip of the iceberg.

4.) We are just finishing up our first full-length record, which will include all our songs from Die Pfalz on it. It should be out early 2014. It's called "Flyaway Garden."

5.) Actually the only shoegaze band we've ever really listened to is My Bloody Valentine, but they've had a big impact on us. I think our music is more like rural shoegaze. 

6.) It's always possible we might do a cassette release, a lot of people have made some great albums as cassette releases recently--- The Hermit Thrushes and Lost Boy have both put out cassettes in the past few years that we really liked a lot. One of our members has a project called Subpixel, he just put out a cassette which is pretty amazing too.

7.) Nate, the guy who runs Team Love, came up with the idea. I think he wanted to document New Paltz's music scene at this specific time, and I also think eclecticism was a goal of his.

8.) The one that makes it snow with dandruff maybe?

9.) Definitely

10.) Why discriminate?

11.) That is a great song, excellent drumming. Great synthesizer too, I love eighties synths. We tried to evoke that sort of empty, soulless synthesizer a lot on our new album, there's something so sad about it. It's like an android pretending to have emotions. Like "Don't You Forget About Me" is so sincere but in a very artificial way--- not because they don't mean it, but because the medium they're trying to express it through doesn't mean it. So yeah we'll probably do that someday.

12.) Yes we will be touring this November in the midwest, the midatlantic and the northeast.

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