Friday, July 5, 2013

SBSR: The Measure Of / Sword Swallower split

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<1> “Morosely” – These first two songs are The Measure Of, the last two are Sword Swallower.  Funny how I first heard The Measure Of on a split with Do No Harm.  It’s that hardcore indie sound to start us off, with almost spoken lyrics (mewithoutYou).   And now we’re kicking in heavy and screaming.   Kicking and screaming should be the name of a musical genre.  Now it’s getting all crazy like The Dillinger Escape Plan.  Now we’re calming back down and speaking.   This music really is quite beautiful.  I could almost fall asleep to it; it has a certain peace to it.  We’re closing on the five minute mark here and this has just become such a journey I feel like we should exchange flowers after taking it together.  And then it sort of fades out like the next song is going to come on strong…

<2> “Vile” – But, we’re mainly getting some highhats before kicking into the scream-speaking again.  This song has some great percussion.   Does this band have two drummers?  I’m not sure if a band has ever really had two bass players, but I’m pretty sure someone at one time has had three guitars.  Two vocalists is obvious too.  So why not two drummers?  How much would that rule?  I think I’m going to pose that question to Facebook and see who brings me results. 

<3> “Vice Principles” – This is some heavy screaming, verging on a Robotic Empire band.   These guitar riffs do shred.  I’d listen to this band again. 

<4> “Meatmouth” – I need to know that you want to be alive.

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