Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SBSR: Dinosaur Dinosaur "Somniloquy"

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<1> “Somniloquy” – We open with some funky beats and this song just sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Remember Len?  Now female vocals kick in.  I’m hearing PJ Harvey.  Maybe a little Garbage.  Not that I’m really paying attention, though I guess I should have heard it myself, but this band does have a drum machine.  He’s the fourth member of the band- Roland- and I want to interview him!  This reminds me of Garbage the more that it progresses, especially like the song they did for the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.   Of course the singer of Dinosaur Dinosaur has her own unique voice, but it does parallel Shirley Manson at times.   I’d also call this synth pop.  The bass has a fairly prominent role as well.  See, Flea, you don’t need to show off to be heard.   This song is about seven minutes and it’s been going on for four now, but it doesn’t feel like that long.  I like the way her voice kind of waves in and out.  The vocals at the end of this song (Well, nearing the end) have a pattern that could be something from a Tori Amos song I’m sure.  This song has a nice beat, but overall it feels mellow to me for some reason, so I like that contrast.  It appears as if we’re stopping closer to the 6:30 mark and then doing some weird fading in and out sounds to end the song.

<2> “We Have A Fish” – After giving it much consideration, I do believe I will email this band now and request an interview with Roland.   This song might just remind me of PJ Harvey because it’s about fish.  The drum beat is nice though, as it kind of skips.  Roland is clearly the star of this band.  After everyone else, of course.  She’s actually singing about having a fish, which is kind of cool.  I was kind of hoping that they’d have some songs about dinosaurs, but oh well.  Maybe their full length can be titled “Jurassic Classic”.  This whole bridge building to the three minute marker is all Roland! And it fades out with Roland!  Huzzah!!

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