Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Radiolab s/t

$8 to download / free to stream

            Good music can do many things for you.   It can inspire you, it can comfort you or it can just make you want to get up and have fun.  Radiolab’s self-titled album does all of those things for me.   The mixture of male and female vocals throughout these shoegaze songs that tend to reflect Garbage, amongst other bands, have really hit a spot in my musical heart because, well, they are just that damn good.

            What I find funny though is that there is an audio clip in one of these songs from (at the time) President Bush.   I’ve heard audio clips of many people in many songs for many reasons.  I’ve also heard a lot of former Presidents lately in these audio clips.   So why it’s funny is because I think about these audio clips of former Presidents and where the line is drawn.  

            Sure, you could look at the history of radio and compare it with who was President at the time, but isn’t just odd to anyone else that none of our songs will ever contain audio clips of, say, Abe Lincoln, George Washington or Thomas Jefferson?   Wow, to think if signing the Constitution or Declaration of Independence was something that was streamed and you could go back and YouTube it, then sample it in your music.

            Crazy times we live in, people.   Crazy times.

            Do you remember where I started this review because I seem to have forgot where I was going with it?

            Ah yes, about music being good.   After finding this album (and band) via new releases on Band Camp, I went on to find that they have releases in 2010, 2011 and 2012 also.  So while a good band may do all of the things I mentioned in that opening paragraph, a great band is one that drives you to seek out more music by them.   Well done, Radiolab.   Well done.

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