Friday, June 14, 2013

SBSR: grower./deathdealer. Split (Heads Up Records)

grower./deathdealer. Split (Heads Up Records)
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            The first two songs are Grower.   The second pair are Deathdealer.  Get it.

<1> “Shame” – And we begin with a guitar into screaming chaos.  Bane, Converge and too many other bands are all popping into my head at once.  Modern Life is War. 

<2> “Entitlement” – And the next song kicks in just as heavy.  Wow.  This is brutal, man.   And the screaming.  I’ll admit that I’m in this for Deathdealer, but this band isn’t all that bad either.

<3> “Identity Crisis” – And the guitars sound like “Cars”.   In… cars.  Then the thumping bass line comes in with screaming.  Lots of screaming and that grinding bass line.  And I love these lyrics.  “Please don’t ask about my future endeavors / My goals are dead and buried with my self esteem”  And then just also the whole verse that comes after that.  (Or is it the chorus because they repeat it?)  And “I’m honestly glad you’ve come to your senses in making the choice to give up on me”.  Wow, just wow.

<4> “The Promise (Don’t Forget)” – This has a fun guitar riff, amidst all the screaming and angst.   All those years ago… Sorry I’m not writing, I just got caught up in this song.  “You’ve got one foot in the grave / So why not just go all the way?”

            Well, Deathdealer delivered two songs that were much more than I could have ever hoped for (especially lyrically) while Grower also made a fan out of me.   So definitely a split worth checking out if you’ve never heard either of these bands before because you’ll spend less than ten minutes with it if you don’t like it.  (But I think you will)

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