Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Shark head jetpack s/t (Shark Week Records)

Shark head jetpack s/t (Shark Week Records)
$5 for a Cassette (AUD) // Free to Stream

                The story of this six song album goes that Shark head jetpack (If that is his real name) found a keyboard and a tape recorder at a dumpster, so he decided to make this music for us.    The music is often on a loop, but it’s never really that bad and believe me I’ve heard things that no human ear should have to ear.   I guess maybe this album just gave me the impression that it was going to be silly and more ridiculous than what it really is and that’s why I’m kind of surprised by it. 

                Many of the songs have their vocals either limited to the title of the song or they simply sound like they are being made up as they are being sung.   Either way, this is a fun little piece of music that you should hear at least once in your lifetime to truly appreciate all music on the whole.

                Also, to demonstrate that these guys are not completely brainless, there is a cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (Which now takes me back more to the movie “Baby Mama” than Cyndi Lauper), which is quite good and, you know, Shark head apparently really can play this keyboard. 

                This might just be the best of the funny albums that I’ve heard, if only because I keep listening to it and don’t want to rip my ears off, as I tend to do with a lot of other bands that might try something like this and think that they’re clever when they’re really not.

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