Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: GAZA "Oid Ocrop"

GAZA "Oid Ocrop"
$7 to Download // Free to Stream

            So this band left me confused.   They are tagged with both shoegaze and black metal, but they aren’t really either of those things (Unless they mean something different in Sweden)  I would call this beatgaze, unless something already exists under that handle.  It also represents someone who obviously is in love with My Bloody Valentine.

            The problem with the tags on this is that if you’re expecting either shoegaze or black metal, you’re going to be disappointed.   GAZA has become the band of hopes dashed though, because in every song I expect it to take that certain plunge off of a cliff where they come out into full black metal mode, but alas, the kick in never happens.   Such a tease this band is. 

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