Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Fragile X "Sequins EP"

Fragile X "Sequins EP"
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            This EP is actually a collection of the same song called “Sequins”.   The first version is the original and it is quite short.  The following versions are all different remixes and quite longer.   My problem with this concept is that it doesn’t make me like Fragile X or want to hear more music by him/them, so much as it makes me want to listen more to those who remixed this song.

            On its own merits, “Sequins” is a terrible song.  But, remixed, it can be much better.  Again, this just shows me that almost anyone could make this song tolerable… just not its original author.   This is probably not the type of message you want to send to someone such as myself who has never the music of Fragile X before and now I really don’t care if I ever hear it again. 

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