Friday, May 31, 2013

SBSR: A*Star "Any Given Moon EP"

A*Star "Any Given Moon EP"
$2 to Download / Free to Stream

<1> "Any Given Sunday" - I bet this song is going to be about football.  So far I like the guitar melody.  And now we're kicking in with female vocals.   Can I this sounds like a more slightly distorted rock version of Everything But the Girl?  Because it does.  Following Center of the Sun covering "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star, maybe A*Star should cover "Like the Deserts Miss the Rain" if only for me.   This is really that dream pop that you can only expect to hear- at this point in time- from A*Star.  I fully believe that A*Star has been around long enough now and made enough songs that they can only really be compared to themselves.   And she's singing about an altar, so this appears to not be about football unless they take their football very seriously.

<2> "Catch the Moon" - This song is dedicated to Despicable Me.   The beginning musical part is almost country.   It's not, but it's the closest to the rodeo I want to get.  And now the vocals are slightly distorted, so here come my Poe comparisons again.   (I'd die happy if A*Star covered "Can't Talk to a Psycho Like a Normal Human Being", which I realize isn't the name of the song it's just the line that people can best relate to, if that makes sense)  And me... And you.  This does have a mellow Poe feel to it.  I once saw Poe open a show for the band Seven Mary Three and she was quite good.  I always wondered why Gwen Stefani got such an awful solo career, yet Poe never really seemed to reach her full potential.   And now the lyrics have become somewhat spoken.   You know, I just realized this song is nearly six minutes long and I'm halfway through it, but it feels like I just started it.   A*Star definitely has a way of making songs not seemingly go on forever.  And me... And you.  I hear it, but what about me and you?   Now we're kicking in with a drum beat, which is nice since we're getting to that last minute or two.  I just glanced outside and saw in the parking lot across the street what appears to be some guy selling weapons out of the back of his pick up truck to some other guy.   Aww, and around 5:30 or so this song fades out so it doesn't get that full near six minute run I was hoping for and expecting.  

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