Saturday, May 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Witch Mountain “Cauldron of the Wild”

Witch MountainCauldron of the Wild
                I never really know what to expect when I hear I’ve never heard before for the first time.  I did know, to some degree, that Witch Mountain came under the banner of “metal”.  I didn’t know, however, that they have a female vocalist.   It’s kind of funny because whenever I think of a female singer in a metal band my mind automatically goes straight to Kittie.   However, being a metal band with a female vocalist is about all that Witch Mountain and Kittie have in common.
                Witch Mountain can get more alternative rock at times, ala L7, while also throwing in some killer stoner metal riffs.    Sometimes the songs get long but it’s okay because sometimes they also like to tell stories.   At some points, the vocals can become that growling Satanic sound, but for the most part they’re just singing beautifully. 
                Having not listened to Kittie since I don’t know when (1999? 1998?) the best band I can somewhat compare Witch Mountain to is One-Eyed Doll.   They don’t sound exactly like them and I now like both bands enough to have room for them both in my record collection.  And whereas One-Eyed Doll can often have tongue in cheek lyrics about being a serial killer, Witch Mountain seems to just take a bit more serious approach to their lyrics.  (Which is NOT a slam against either band)

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