Saturday, May 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Pajama People "Cool Intentions" (MemoryNumberThirtySixRecordings)

Pajama People "Cool Intentions" (MemoryNumberThirtySixRecordings)
Free to Stream / Cassette Sold Out
            Well, I went to review this one night and copied all of the information into my file for “Streaming Reviews” and I made the note that there was only one cassette left to purchase.   Sure enough, the next morning I pull the link back up and the cassettes are sold out.   He who hesitates is lost, right?
            This is some nice female fronted music that kind of reminds me of going back to the days when people actually rollerskated.   Would that put this in some sort of slight disco category?   Perhaps, but it is not an insult by any mean.   I enjoy this music and feel like you can really move to it.   So let me see your moves!

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