Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “The Inevitable Goodbye (Prologue)”

The Illegal Wiretaps The Inevitable Goodbye (Prologue)”
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<1> “The Inevitable Goodbye” – Maybe it is time to make arrangements.   We begin with male robot vocals.   He’s basically telling us we’re going to die.  All of us, one day.    The music in the background reminds me of “Psycho” for some reason.  Death will be a relief for you.   And now the drum machine is kicking this song in. 
<2> “Old Photographs and Home Movies Make Me Wish That I Had the Power to Appreciate Those Moments As Each One Happened” – Nice keys.  Is this Ben Folds?  It’s staying instrumental so far, but is rather upbeat.   And here comes some happy synth.  This song almost could be the soundtrack to someone’s home movies.   And some static is coming through now.  This really is just a nice little piano driven song. 

<3> “My Heartbeat Is a Shallow Well” – Well, so much for the piano.   Here comes the drone synth and oonce oonce drum machine.  Oh, and now more robot vocals too.  He just keeps repeating the title of the song, so yes, in some ways this is vintage Wiretaps.   And the piano is back.   Now we get a buzzing noise and a drum machine.  

<4> “He Fell Asleep with the T.V. On” – And we begin with heavy breathing ala Darth Vader.   Now we’re getting some beats and soul.    And the piano also seems to be the theme of this prologue album. 

<5> “Michael Coffman, 1945 – 2012” – Here’s the dance number.  This one starts in a much more upbeat, techno kind of way.  Maybe like Underworld.  At least it could be a song on the Trainspotting soundtrack.    Yeah, if I do a google search for Michael Coffman, it doesn’t give me anyone with those dates and when I put the dates in it brings me to this song for the first link.   Ha!

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