Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “American Family Radio Vol. 2: Consensual Rape and Todd Akin’s Magical Science”

The Illegal Wiretaps “American Family Radio Vol. 2: Consensual Rape and Todd Akin’s Magical Science
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<1> “A Much Better You” – We open with the female computer bot vocals and some cosmic synth going on in the background.   And here comes the drum machine beat.   In some twisted way, this sounds like a computer programmed version of Ladytron.   This song is kind of techno electro, but not.   It’s kind of instrumental, but not.   These vocals get really loud too.
<2> “When I Am Done With You, Death Will Be Too Kind” – And now we begin with drums and synth in a Breakfast Club sort of way.   And here comes those female vocals again.   I have a feeling they will be on all these songs now.   Or maybe since I’m saying that, they won’t appear again after this song.   Who knows.   This song has more of a pounding drum beat in the background than the prior song.   It’s a nice, slight change, so it will keep you engaged in the album without sounding exactly the same as the first song.   Oh, and here come some male robot vocals.   Would it be weird to ask for a lyric sheet with these robot vocals?   Both robot vocals end this track in a Rainer Maria kind of way.  
<3> “And I Deserve Your Last Gasp” – There’s static on the airwaves.   And now the female robot voice has some haunting things to tell us.   She really kind of freaks me out sometimes.   Wouldn’t it be something if it was one day revealed that these vocals were made by an actual human and not a computer program?  Man, I would freak out so hard.  So now this FRV is doing freestyle over some wavy static.   It’s like the new hip hop, only Jay Z hasn’t stolen it and called it his own yet.  This, because of the background static, would sound most excellent on cassette, for the record.    I can actually begin to tell that the voice is saying the song title and then the song ends.
<4> “I Spat On Your Hearse As It Drove By” – Even though it’s probably not being played using an old Gameboy, this music really reminds me of a video game for some reason.   And, yes, the FRV are back again.   Out of the following three, who do you think it is most likely that this song is about:  Princess Diana, Michael Jackson or Ronald Regan?  Silly vocals, robots can’t cry.   If robots are able to cry now, I’m immediately moving to an Amish community. 
<5> “Moloch” – Most people don’t know this, but a “moloch” is a type of bread.   It is best served with peach preserves and tea.   This song has an industrial feel to it so far.  Yes, I will be bringing out the Nine Inch Nails reference soon.  It’s like some lost B-Side between “Pretty Hate Machine” and “The Downward Spiral”.    A lot of static, but no FRV yet.   I can hear the piano now too, ever so slightly.    And then rather abruptly it ends. 
<6> “Lunatic Logic” – This song is about the title of the album.  It has an organ sound to it, which is funny given the fact that this isn’t really about church but now it makes me think of church.    Unborn babies are human beings.   Whoa, the vocals just got weird.   It’s this organ loop and steady bass drum. 

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