Friday, May 31, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Has a Shadow "Sky is Hell Black"

Has a Shadow "Sky is Hell Black"
$7 to Download / Free to Stream

            While Has a Shadow, who I am hearing for the first time with this nine song album, have a sound of shoegaze, they also have something a bit more than that.   They have some drone going on at times, and then of course they have some fuzz and static.   They also border on garage rock at times, which must come from the fuzz part I’d say.

            But what’s funny to me is that within these songs I hear a lot of one of my favorite bands:  Stone Temple Pilots.  Now this doesn’t sound like a STP rip off album by any means.   Has a Shadow still have their own sound coming out here.  It’s just that I can hear some of the later STP songs coming out at times and it makes me think “Wow, this is good and now I know why”. 

            Another band that can come out in these songs also is The Doors and that’s even funnier because STP can have those elements of The Doors, right?  So it’s kind of like the music is more influenced by the other band and you can hear that influence versus them sounding like the band to the extent where you want to start singing along with different lyrics.

            So in the way that The Doors are connected to Stone Temple Pilots, I believe STP are connected to Has a Shadow.  Being that STP are quite possibly my all-time favorite band (They are) that just says a whole lot about this band, does it not?

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