Friday, May 31, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: center of the sun "Fade Into You"

center of the sun "Fade Into You"
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            I like to go on rants about how if you're going to give your song a title that is a familiar title for any reason, it better be a cover song.  (Yes, that band that has a song called "The Chemicals Between Us" but it isn't a Bush cover still bugs me)  Luckily for all of us, and because Center of the Sun is a rad band, this song is as I guessed, a cover of the Mazzy Star song.

            What I find funny about this song, for starters, is that I find myself comparing a lot of shoegaze music to Mazzy Star, yet, like most others out there I only know her for this one song.   Perhaps next time I see her full length at Good Will I should pick it up since this single song seems to be stemming so much commotion.

            While I was expecting this song to have somewhat of a Center of the Sun twist on it, I also was not really aware of what to expect from this cover because deep down I knew it wasn't going to be too far out there.  I'm not certain and I won't go back and look, but when reviewing their eight song full length "Machine Gun", I may have even compared Center of the Sun to Mazzy Star.   If you told me that I did I wouldn't be at all surprised because it is a comparison I throw out there quite a bit (Again, another reason why I need to just break down and buy the Mazzy Star album one day and know her for more than just this one song)

            As far as covers go though, this is pretty much a straight forward cover of the original.   It doesn't really stray too far from what Mazzy Star did and in that sense I think of it as being less of a cover and more of a tribute.    Bravo to COTS for pulling out this song that I seem to constantly reference and if anyone else wants to cover songs or bands I constantly reference, please do.  

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