Saturday, May 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Ascetic “Self Initiation”

AsceticSelf Initiation
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                Ascetic comes up under the shoegaze tag, I believe, but I really want to call them goth.   At times they remind me of a slowed down version of Nine Inch Nails, which brings out of the My Bloody Valentine card.   They also can really sound like The Illegal Wiretaps, sort of Depeche Mode, sort of The Cure and New Order even comes out.   The music is very dark in a lot of ways and the songs can be quite long, though they are still rather good.
                These nine songs do play out like a full length album.   I’ve grown really fond of them since listening to them for the first time, so I really hope others begin to enjoy this band as well.   I really enjoy the track “I Burn” if only because it has a somewhat spoken word base over the goth music.   Ah, who cares what they say, I’m calling this band gothgaze.

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