Friday, May 10, 2013

CD REVIEW: Deap Valley “Get Deap! EP”

Deap ValleyGet Deap! EP
                To put it simply, Deap Valley sounds like a female fronted version of The White Stripes.  I hope you know how The White Stripes sound, so I won’t go into detail describing this music.  I will say that the first song does sound like “Fell in Love With a Girl”, like, almost in a copyright lawsuit kind of way, you know?
                If not for the female vocals and based on the music alone, a lot of times when listening to these songs I’d think I was listening to “Get Behind Me Satan”.   I realize this may come off as some huge slam or something, like “This band is copying The White Stripes!  BURN!!” but the reality of it is that it’s not all that bad.  I enjoy The White Stripes and I enjoy the female voice (the singer for Deap Valley gets the job done) so combining the two works for me.   At one point in my notes I even remarked, “At least they don’t sound like Coldplay”.   So I say bring forth the bluesy distorted rock. 

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