Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SBSR: Negative Tapes “Lower Westheimer, Fall 2012”

Negative TapesLower Westheimer, Fall 2012
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<1> “Lower Westheimer, Fall 2012” – This begin somewhat normally, and then we get into this sprawling synth that sounds like someone has run normal synth through a fan, you know, like when you try and talk like Darth Vader.    This goes over a drum beat with cymbals and some more melodic synth.   And now I hear a hissing noise, like someone is letting the air out of tires.   Now it’s gotten quiet and all we hear is the fan synth.   Then the drums kick in like New Order and the more melodic synth, that’s almost verging on pop, comes back.   In some weird way, this could be like a Neon Trees song mixed by some crazy DJ.   So this song is just kind of a fun mess of drum beats and melodic synth with that occasional crazy synth coming into play.
<2> “Dysgasm” – Well, according to MS Word, the title is not a real word.   We begin with a big beat and some fast paced synth ala “Pretty Hate Machine” Nine Inch Nails.   Both of these songs have been instrumental as well.  I don’t expect Negative Tapes to have vocals for whatever reason, so I feel like that just goes without saying.   But yeah, this could easily be a song off of “Pretty Hate Machine”.   It almost sounded 8bit for a second there, and then the synth got really heavy, in a deep bass way.   Now it’s doing the synth strings, which is a nice contrast.   This song is fighting amongst itself.   This has such a fun beat to it that you just can’t help but want to listen to it while doing something fast paced.  I happen to be typing really fast.   And now it’s kicking in near the 2:15 mark and is making a different 8bit sound.  This is one of the first times that it’s really obvious to me that a band is using a loop.    I like how it keeps getting pumped up, then kicks into the drum beat. 

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