Monday, April 29, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Screen Vinyl Image “51:21”

Screen Vinyl Image 51:21
            One of the secrets of music is that a lot of bands within the same genres end up having similar sounds but they have to do things slightly different than other bands to establish themselves as individuals.   To go completely in the other direction here, let’s look at punk rock bands for example.   Punk bands are all the same at their roots- they play fast, simple music with lyrics that are typically rebellious.    So how has punk rock managed to stay around so long and how have bands from Ramones and Sex Pistols to NOFX and Pennywise managed to stay relevant?

            Shoegaze is no different and to some Screen Vinyl Image could be lost in the shuffle with a number of other bands.   To the trained ear though, you have to listen for the little things that can come out in the music to make you realize you are indeed listening to SVI and not another shoegaze band.

            While a song like “Stay Asleep” has a very Breakfast Club feel to it, “The Midnight Sun” takes us to that certain era of U2.     Prior to “Roaming Spirit Freedom” we feel as if we are about enter some great western.    It’s just these little intricacies that can really make any band familiar enough to welcome them into your musical fold almost immediately, yet not so similar that they are just taking up space reserved for a band already in your playlist.

            And if that isn’t enough to make you listen to this album through your earbuds, the last song is also just over a half hour long and, well, that’s pretty damn trippy.

            On a side note: “51:21” was released as a cassette and it is forever sold out.  If anyone has a copy of this cassette they are willing to give it a better home to (i.e. us here at Raised by Gypsies) shoot us an email.   No foolin’. 

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