Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “Near Dark”

The Illegal WiretapsNear Dark
                “Near Dark” is quite possibly one of my favorite albums by The Illegal Wiretaps and that’s not just because the songs have vocals and come off in a way that’s mixed between Davw Grohl or mid-career Nirvana.  
                The verses can be pretty clean rock n roll, while the choruses kick in with the distortion pretty heavy.   That in itself reminds me of the song structure of a band like Local H, but this doesn’t really sound like Scott Lucas.    Of course on the third song we get more melodic, but still, this album remains rocking.
                Whenever I do listen to this album (which is quite often), I always wonder what people might think who were listening to this for the first time.   Would hearing this make them want to hear more of The Illegal Wiretaps and then if they did end up listening to something a bit more “out there”, would they in turn hate it and then just give up on the Wiretaps altogether?   Or is this album just so awesome that it would make potential fans find the beauty and genius inside the other varied works of The Illegal Wiretaps?   I hope it is the latter. 

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