Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “Dulcetta”

The Illegal WiretapsDulcetta
                As I begin to listen to an album like “Dulcetta”, I begin to get into the newer releases by The Illegal Wiretaps so I can hear how the casiotopia/rusty acoustic pattern is not necessarily always in place anymore. 
                This album has a lot of synth and drum machine beats to accompany it.   Of all The Illegal Wiretaps albums I have heard, this is so far the most likely I would say you could pump through club speakers at a rave or the such… At least for the first half of the album.
                Toward the second half of the album, around the halfway point, we come into some dark strings that make us feel like we’re getting all sullen.   Then the rest of the album is pretty much piano fueled rage that is quite unlike anything I’ve heard from The Wiretaps before, or at least this way.
                On “Don’t Blame Me for What I’m About to Do to You!” , for some unknown reason, my ear bud made a popping noise and it kind of shocked my ear, like static electricity.   I don’t know what happened and if it was part of the song, but it was one of those getting hit by lightning freak occurrence things I’m sure.
                I also really love “Death by a Thousand Cuts” because it has this synth that reminds us all of David Bowie and cocaine.  
                I can definitely tell from this album that The Illegal Wiretaps are evolving as a band.   With all of their releases, it comes as no surprise, but it is just comforting to know that they haven’t evolved into something awful like dubstep.

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