Thursday, April 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog “Ninstrumentalism” (Kitty On Fire Records)

I Shot The Duck Hunt DogNinstrumentalism” (Kitty On Fire Records)
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                I was not quite aware that this genre of music existed, but I guess I should have known.   What is seen as the typical 8bit music is combined with the crunchy metal guitars to make something dubbed “nintendocore”, which I feel completely and accurately, describes this. 
                I like this new to me genre of music called 8bit so the subgenres are going to be good as long as whatever is combined with them is also okay in my book and just sort of works well together.   Do I look forward to ska + 8bit or polka + 8bit?   Oddly enough, I sort of do. 

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