Monday, April 1, 2013

CD REVIEW: The Dandelion War “We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes” (Deep Elm)

The Dandelion WarWe Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes” (Deep Elm)
                This album is actually pretty long so it has taken me quite some time to listen through it several times, but I definitely like what I hear.   The songs can be ambient and instrumental, but there are also vocals and strings.    It’s somewhere between FNL and a less obnoxious version of Dave Matthews (You know, one we can actually tolerate and listen to without pulling teeth)
                For whatever reason- and don’t ask me why this best describes it, it just does- I feel like this album would be best listened to while swimming, especially underwater.   What does that mean exactly?   I don’t know.  Press play, jump in a pool and find out.

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