Thursday, March 7, 2013

SBSR: This Drama “The Wasted Youth”

This Drama “The Wasted Youth”

<1> “Take It (Or Leave It)” – We kick in with some nice guitar work.  And then some fairly fast heavy vocals.   It has that this-is-kind-of-metal-or-maybe-hard-rock-but-maybe-not vibe to it.   Would it be wrong to throw in a Papa Roach comparison?  Because I used to play a lot of WWE video games (I don’t really play video games in general any more) and this sounds like something that could be a part of their soundtrack.   I can’t place the band- it’s not Bullets & Octane- but it just has a feel like that in this song.

<2> “Bleed Passion, Buy Fashion” – This song starts with a guitar riff and I can already hear the other song coming out in it.  It’s a little bit faster paced.  I’m mostly interested in the lyrics I think based on the title.   I don’t really hear a lot in here about fashion but I do hear the vocals sounding like the newer Papa Roach stuff.  This definitely has a rocking vibe to it though.  Could kids start a mosh pit to this?  Absolutely. 

<3> “Black Cobra Snake” – This song is another guitar driven ass-kicking with a similar style of vocals to the previous two.

<4> “When We Are Dead” – Another song I’m interested in based on the title for the lyrics, but we’ll see.  Nah, more of the same unfortunately.  I was just waiting for these guys to really wow me with their lyrics but, yeah, this could be pretty bland radio rock that comes and goes without my ever knowing about it,

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