Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SBSR: pools are nice “We live here now – EP”

pools are niceWe live here now – EP
<1> “time and place” – This has a nice Brit rock feel to it.   It definitely gets belted out.   And then for the second verse (or maybe chorus?) a second vocalist comes out.  The first singer has a really good, gruff sort of voice while the other guy has that kind of annoying voice like Tom from Blink 182, but he’s not as annoying as Tom so I can live with it.   Plus let us not forget the awesome guitar work here.   This is somewhere between garage, fuzz and surf punk. 
<2> “games” – The vocals come in strong on this song in that blue collar punk rock way (like Hot Water Music in ways)  The chorus gets a little screamy and it’s fun.   “Girl, you don’t know what I could do to you” – it’s a great line. 
<3> “natasha” – And we open with the drum beat and start and stop guitar riff.  This reminds me more and more of punk as the songs go on and I keep thinking it’s going to take that Blink 182 pop punk plunge, but then it always turns itself around.  This song could almost be Nerf Herder’s “Diana”.   But then the screaming of vocals starts ala HWM.   And now the guy who sounded like Tom before sounds like the singer from the Vandals. 

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