Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SBSR: pools are nice “If you’re thinking about this – EP”

pools are niceIf you’re thinking about this – EP
<1> “hey tonight” – A very fuzzy punk rock song.  It has a Modern English but more punk rock sound to it.  The guy from the other EP is singing the title I believe, but otherwise he can’t really be heard.  Around the minute and a half mark a killer guitar riff surfaces.  This has that innocence of a high school band but it sounds like someone much more talented. 
<2> “voyeur” – Okay, just based on the way it opens I already like this song.   And I spoke too soon because here comes that other vocalist.  They’re singing at the same time though so it’s not as bad and he’s really not that bad at singing it’s just that I could do without him.   I think they just blew my speakers too… what was that noise?  Haha.   And based on the song title, yes they are singing “Ooooh baby” a lot.  This could be closer to a Vandals song now that they’re really getting into it.   It also almost has a slight ska beat.   Around the two minute mark, the guitar riff takes us out.  And good night.   No, wait.  There are two songs left still.
<3> “basement” - This one starts with a somewhat heavy bass line.   And here comes the vocalist I don’t like as much, but yes, he really sounds more like the Vandals in this song than Blink 182 so I’m not as turned off anymore.   Then the other vocalist sings during the chorus, so it’s like that whole Vandals meets Hot Water Music vibe again. 
<4> “luna” – I do enjoy this drum opening.   This has a dreamy punk sound to it.   It’s a bit slower and closer to a ballad than their other songs.   Though the way the vocals are cracking is only somewhat amusing.   Then the chorus gets really heavy and fuzzy, somewhere between Dropkick Murphys and Andrew WK.    Now the other guy is actually singing about someone named Luna and it turns a little bit into Hunx.   And then the other other guy is back again, sort of screaming.   This is wild, man. 

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