Monday, March 25, 2013

SBSR: Night Surf “Light”

Night SurfLight

<1> “Intro (Bitter)” – Some funky guitar solos and just some all out trippy instrumental rock make this opening track which introduces us to the band.   So far I like it. 

<2> “Suffer” – This just appears to be a longer version of the previous song with less psychedelic guitar and more of a laid back surf rock vibe.    At this point I’m wondering whether or not it will be worth it to keep listening after the next song, though I am somewhat curious as to what a ‘Reverse Version” is exactly.    This really just sounds like it could be the mellow soundtrack to a surf video compilation and let’s leave it at that.

<3> “Keep Breathin’”

<4> “Astride”

<5> “Used”

<6> “Keep Breathin’ (Reverse Version)”

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