Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SBSR: Luxa “Drawn to the Sea”

LuxaDrawn to the Sea
<1> “Drawn to the Sea” – A slight beat of some sort and some beeping noise.   Then here comes the drum machine right quick.   And the female vocals kick right in with the titular line.   You can really hear the drum loop in this, but it is still nevertheless a quite lovely song.   Every day I am literally amazed by how much great music exists with female vocalists.   Has it had a surge lately or am I just starting to look in the right places now?  Is the radio sexist?  Does shoegaze love female vocals?   All this and more on the next 20/20 with Bahbah Waltahs.  Yeah, I just tried to make a really lame joke.  But when you listen to this music you’ll forget I even wrote that.  You’ll just be all like, “Yeah, that dude was right.   Luxa rocks!!”
<2> “East River Drive” – The record is scratching.   Not in real life.  I’m on my laptop.   I mean on the song.  And now the idea of Luxa on vinyl is in my head.  This is how they plant the seeds, right?   This is a bit slower than the first track.  I’d almost dare call it a ballad… maybe even a power ballad.   This song is coming through in waves now.
<3> “The Expatriate” – Holy saxophone that took me off guard.  I’m having “Better Off Dead” flashbacks over here.   Little known fact: I played the saxophone from fifth grade (I think?) up through high school.   I started with alto then transitioned to baritone.    Now I hear this weird clock noise, like a computer searching or someone’s ringtone or a timer going off in space somehow.   And the sax is back.   If I still had my alto sax (I think my mom sold it) I’d probably join a band like this.  I think that’d be fun.   Is shoegaze the new ska?  I hope not.   Though ska isn’t dead anyway and shoegaze has kind of been around forever just not called shoegaze so I don’t know.   Someone page Amber Crain I need help!!
<4> “Drawn and Quatered” – And we begin with the funky drum beat.   This beat is continuing with some distant background la-la’s.   It has some slight variations, but is mainly stuck in this loop. 

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