Monday, March 25, 2013

SBSR: Ghost of You “Ocean K”

Ghost of YouOcean K
<1> “Public thief” – This bass line is funky.   Is that a bong?  No, it’s guitar screeching with that long guitar line.  This is kind of like Christiansen.   The vocals come in like something crazy and British between Zeppelin and The Who.   Now the chorus is kind of screaming and it has this very retro psychedelic feel to it where you’re not quite sure what to make of it, but wow, just wow.    How have I not heard of this band before?  This is just a get up and dance rock song.  

<2> “Cold water” – I like this song, even with the clicking.   The vocals come off sounding like Stabbing Westward, I kid you not.   This is such a melodramatic rock album—I love it.  Let’s put some of that fire back into rock n roll.   This is what I imagine the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would sound like if they were, you know, good.   The clicking (beeping?) keeps coming back in the verses, which just makes me think of Stabbing Westward, but then the chorus kicks in with that lighter version of Recover sound.   This could be the next band that you need to fall in love with before all of the cool kids do it.  

<3> “Somewhere in the drop of your miracle” – Here comes the acoustic guitar and strings.  Hello ballad.  Right away I’m thinking of Ugly Kid Joe covering “Cat’s in the Cradle”, but now it’s kicking in like big hair metal or Spinal Tap.   Yes, I do enjoy the melody here, even if it has slowed down in pace a bit.   Whoa, that high pitched howl caught me off guard. 

<4> “K.” – This is slow and acoustic sounding like the previous song, and then it gets all those weird electronic drum noises in the background too.   What happened to the rock, guys?  The ROCK??!?!?!?!!!??

<5> “White tiger” – At least this song begins with a drumbeat that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere other than to R-O-C-K.    Yeah, this song is faster than the last two but not nearly as rocking as the first two.  Still, not a bad band, they just lost some steam at the end there. 

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